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Fitness Gifts

You Set the Pace, BODiBEAT Picks the Song


BODiBEAT is the world’s first music player/heart rate monitor that selects and plays songs that match the pace of the user’s workout. The unit comes with software that automatically categorizes each downloaded song by beats per minute (bpm), and a small heart rate monitor that clips gently onto the user’s ear. BODiBEAT has a suggested retail price of $299.99.
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Beat it: These Drums Offer a Ton of Fun

Read more about the YDD-60 digital electronic drum machine

No doubt about it, drumming provides a great workout. The feeling of hitting a cymbal in time with the beat is similar to stroking a line drive or shooting a swish. In addition to 427 high-quality drum and percussion voices, the Yamaha DTXPRESS IV also offers sound effects and 22 keyboard voices. It's never too late to learn. MSRP for the DTXPRESS IV is $2,099.99; MSRP for the DTXPRESS IV Standard is $1,549.99.
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