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A Holiday 'Must-have' for Replacing The Old PC


The Tornado™ makes data transfer a breeze for those receiving one of the 100 million PC purchases projected to replace old computers this year. The retractable cord plugs into the USB ports of two PCs, and within seconds a pop-up window allows users to view, drag, and drop files into their new home. Perfect for moving pictures, music, videos, presentations, documents and moreó can be used over and over again with multiple PCs. NO SOFTWARE TO LOAD, NO SPECIAL CABLES TO BUY, NO WIZARDS TO FOLLOW! Works with Windows 98 SE, ME, 2000, XP and Vista. Data Drive Thruís The Tornado retails for $59.95.
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Give Them the Gift of Security


Protect yourself and your family from the fastest growing crime in the country: identity theft. LifeLock is the nation's first identity theft prevention company. For pricing and to sign up, visit www.LifeLock.com.
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Make Music Only You Can Hear

Read more about the Silent Violin

Yamaha's strikingly stylish Silent Violin combines cutting-edge technology and innovative design, offering musicians both beautiful sound and the "silent treatment." Simply plugging headphones into the instrument – available in holiday red, blue, black or brown – enables silent playing anytime, anywhere. The silent string instruments start at $925.
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Playing Keyboard Just Got EZ!

Read more about the EZ-200 Keyboard

The new Yamaha EZ-200 lighted portable keyboard, designed for the beginning musician or hobbyist, has cutting-edge technology inside and fun features outside. The 61-key EZ-200 offers touch sensitive keys with guide lights to make learning how to play fun. The estimated street price is $149.
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You Set the Pace, BODiBEAT Picks the Song


BODiBEAT is the world’s first music player/heart rate monitor that selects and plays songs that match the pace of the user’s workout. The unit comes with software that automatically categorizes each downloaded song by beats per minute (bpm), and a small heart rate monitor that clips gently onto the user’s ear. BODiBEAT has a suggested retail price of $299.99.
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For Your Ears Only – Ultimate 3D Audio for PC Gaming

Read more about Turtle Beach Ear Force D2 stereo headphones

Turtle Beach's Ear Force HPA2 headphones are designed for the serious PC gamer, providing true 5.1 surround sound via front, center, surround and subwoofer speaker drivers in each ear cup, powered by a multi-channel in-line amplifier. Ideal for keeping the noise down during late night gaming, the Ear Force HPA2s are currently available for $99.99.
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Complete Home Theater Systems Deliver iPod and XM Compatibility

Yamaha's new home theater systems

Yamaha's new home theater systems offer the proprietary SCENE feature, a set of four customizable pre-set listening modes that automatically prepare the systems for the enjoyment of TV, DVDs, CDs, iPods and the radio. The systems are a convenient and cost-effective way to create a quality surround sound home entertainment environment. Yamaha home theater systems have suggested retail prices starting at $329.95.
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Digital Drums Jump Start the Jam

Read more about the YDD-60 digital electronic drum machine

Yamaha continues to blur the lines between technology, creativity and musical fun with the YDD-60 digital electronic drum machine. Features include touch-sensitive pads, drums sticks, drum pedals, MIDI connection and aux-in so you can jam along with an iPod. The estimated street price is $199.
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USB Speaker Takes Laptop Audio to Next Level

Read more about the NX-U10 USB speaker

The NX-U10 USB speaker connects via a single cord to a laptop's USB port, offering a high fidelity digitally-transferred audio signal, as well as set-up convenience. An integrated amplifier, with Yamaha's proprietary high-efficiency PowerStorageT Circuit, produces a surprisingly robust 20 watts of power - more than any other USB speaker on the market. The NX-U10 has a suggested retail price of $179.
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Now Anyone Can Compose Music Instantly

Sequel gives anyone, even those with no music-making experience, the ability to create songs on their PCs and Macs in diverse musical styles (rock, pop, hip-hop, R&B, dance, world, etc.) by using the application’s 5,000 audio loops, 600 ready-to-play instrument sounds and a complete set of effects. Budding musicians can also play along with full band accompaniment they can create on Sequel, and finished compositions can be shared with friends by exporting them to iTunes. Sequel carries a suggested retail price of $99.99.
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