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Luxury Gifts

Make Music Only You Can Hear

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Yamaha's strikingly stylish Silent Violin combines cutting-edge technology and innovative design, offering musicians both beautiful sound and the "silent treatment." Simply plugging headphones into the instrument – available in holiday red, blue, black or brown – enables silent playing anytime, anywhere. The silent string instruments start at $925.
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You Set the Pace, BODiBEAT Picks the Song


BODiBEAT is the world’s first music player/heart rate monitor that selects and plays songs that match the pace of the user’s workout. The unit comes with software that automatically categorizes each downloaded song by beats per minute (bpm), and a small heart rate monitor that clips gently onto the user’s ear. BODiBEAT has a suggested retail price of $299.99.
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The Ultimate Holiday Party Centerpiece


The Yamaha Disklavier Mark IV performance reproducing piano combines the best aspects of live performance with next-generation streaming technology, for an unparalleled home entertainment experience. Now Disklavier Radio, a groundbreaking new service, enables users to stream live pop, jazz, country and classical music live via the modern player piano accompanied by specially recorded vocal and ensemble parts by such artists as Alicia Keys and Elton John. MSRP for the Disklavier Mark IV series starts at $40,000.
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The Bentley of Keyboards: Realistic Sounds, Real Simple Recording

Read more about the Tyros2

The sleek and sexy Tyros2 by Yamaha has been called "the Bentley" of keyboards and "a gold standard" for comparison with other keyboards. Though it puts a world of instruments at your fingertips, this isn't your grandma's Wurlitzer: it also browses the internet. The sounds are so advanced they capture the natural presence of acoustic instruments, including the slide of a guitar player's fingers along the strings and the breaths taken by a saxophonist. MSRP: $4,095.
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